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  1. queen emily
    queen emily at |

    Cheers for that. Charming innit?

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    More at Bilerico project, where a commentor points out that the photos are more accurately photos of drag queens, who may or may not identify as trans, and thus is an even bigger clusterfuck of Stereotype Fail.

  3. Annaham
    Annaham at |

    The contact email for PR (at least in the U.S.) is , if people want to email instead.

  4. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Thanks. I rang the PR number here but it went to voicemail every time, and they haven’t rung back.

  5. Julie
    Julie at |

    I sent my complaint to

    About this and another problematic app. Text below. Co-written by my equally horrified co-worker K.

    Hi, I was just viewing iTunes and stumbled across a couple of totally inappropriate Apps.

    One is by Spendthrift Studios, “Design Your Dream Asian Girl”, it states in the title. This is inappropriate firstly because it is rated age 9+, it objectifies asian women and is generally distasteful and not in keeping with the iTunes reputation that I have to come to expect from Apple.

    The other app is Peekaboo Tranny by chip-n-cake. This is problematic for a number of reasons. Firstly the name, it is derogatory. Then is the fact that some of the women pictured are in fact probably drag queens. Are you aware that some of the worst violence committed (sexual or otherwise) is against transsexuals and men who dress as women? This app is enabling people to profile potential victims. And it’s rated at 12+

    Who rates these things?? These two apps are so incredibly inappropriate and rude and offensive and not in keeping with the iTunes reputation.

    I would appreciate if you could remove or at least make it inaccessible to children as it is currently rather worrying that it is so available.



    I hopefully will get a non-form response. :D

  6. Peta
    Peta at |

    The offensive “Peekaboo Tra**y” app has been removed by Apple after complaints.

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Yes! – I just doublechecked on my iTunes and it’s definitely gone. They are complaining about it on Twitter, of course.

    * You people honestly don’t have even an ounce of frivolous humor?
    * thanks girl. I wish people could pick issues that are actually issues rather than make new ones put of nothing.
    * the intention was fun and adorable pics. If we wanted to offend and bash, we would have made ‘peekaboo palin’

    I don’t have a problem with drag queen entertainers wanting to create an app with “fun and adorable pics”. I do have a problem with them using a transphobic slur to market it. What part of this is so hard for the developers to understand?

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