An extraordinary woman

A portrait of Eileen Nearne from her service records in WW2Eileen Nearne was never appreciated by her male superior officers. The way they speak of her is awful.

Mark Dunton, contemporary history specialist with the National Archives, said a none-too-subtle sexism seems to blame.

“Her training officers completely underestimated her,” he said. “They say she’s unable to concentrate, that she’s very feminine, lots of attitudes come out that show they underestimate the ability of women to work in the field. But she was very effective.”

Until now her contribution to WWII has gone unnoticed. Her secret file has been released by the National Archives and the truth about her extraordinary work behind enemy lines is now out. I hope that some great writer is even now planning her biography. Read about her here.

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  1. Nice to see more on this story; I saw this in September (at, of all places), although the impressions of her training officers were not included.
    Also, not all spies are required to be James Bond.

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