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10 responses to “Women, food, advertising”

  1. orlando

    The comments are the best laugh I’ve had since I was last laughing in company with brandied butter.

  2. TimT

    Someone slipped some nitrous oxides in amongst the arugula leafs then?

  3. TimT

    Ah yes, remember this?

  4. Helen

    Yes, salad definitely makes me laugh. Those newfangled frilly bits of lettuce are just so…frilly! and the radicchio – the very idea that anyone would eat it cracks me up. Which reminds me of radishes – I rest my case! And spring onions – how could anyone look at one and not crack up!
    And don’t even start me on tomatoes!!!

  5. Helen

    And cucumbers!! ROFL!

  6. The Amazing Kim

    The thing you don’t see is the captured rabbit spy, just out of camera view. These ladies are specialist bunny interrogators.

  7. tigtog

    TAK, I’m not sure why the automod filter didn’t like your comment above, but I only just realised that it had taken against it: sorry for the belated release!

  8. tigtog

    The comment thread at The Hairpin is marvellous, and now I have discovered Awkward Stock Photos. Wow. (Some images may be NSFW)

  9. Donna

    Dieting: the key to womanly happiness.

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