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  1. orlando
    orlando at |

    The comments are the best laugh I’ve had since I was last laughing in company with brandied butter.

  2. TimT
    TimT at |

    Someone slipped some nitrous oxides in amongst the arugula leafs then?

  3. TimT
    TimT at |
  4. Helen
    Helen at |

    Yes, salad definitely makes me laugh. Those newfangled frilly bits of lettuce are just so…frilly! and the radicchio – the very idea that anyone would eat it cracks me up. Which reminds me of radishes – I rest my case! And spring onions – how could anyone look at one and not crack up!
    And don’t even start me on tomatoes!!!

  5. Helen
    Helen at |

    And cucumbers!! ROFL!

  6. The Amazing Kim
    The Amazing Kim at |

    The thing you don’t see is the captured rabbit spy, just out of camera view. These ladies are specialist bunny interrogators.

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    TAK, I’m not sure why the automod filter didn’t like your comment above, but I only just realised that it had taken against it: sorry for the belated release!

  8. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    The comment thread at The Hairpin is marvellous, and now I have discovered Awkward Stock Photos. Wow. (Some images may be NSFW)

  9. Donna
    Donna at |

    Dieting: the key to womanly happiness.

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