Dead because she…

A former Miss Argentina has died from complications after cosmetic surgery, leaving behind her husband and eight year old twins. According to newspaper reports “the woman who had it all died because she wanted a slightly firmer ass”.  Not because she felt she was under any pressure to be beautiful no matter her age and the fact that women’s bodies change with age and pregnancy. Not because she was constantly bombarded with messages that her personal worth is bound up in her appearance. She just wanted a firmer bum.

What a complete load of codswallop.

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  1. You’re absolutely right, it’s a ridiculously reductive way to view her motivations for the cosmetic surgery. It’s also a very easy way to distract attention away from how the hype around cosmetic procedures means that there’s a whole heap of untrained and badly trained practitioners offering little better than snake-oil out there fleecing people, and how the level of complications is thus so high.

  2. What a perfect example of the damned if you do/don’t paradigm that governs all public discourse of women’s bodies. Grrr.
    We’re hags if we don’t do anything, vain and shallow if we do.
    Why, hello thar, kyriarchy. Fancy meeting you here.

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