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5 responses to “Mary’s helpful guide to soliciting research participation on the ‘net”

  1. bri

    Great article. I have seen some less than wonderful studies/surveys promoted and quit many surveys half way through due to some of the issues you mention above.

  2. MissPrism

    A less important point but one that’s often annoyed me: if you only want respondents from the US, do us the courtesy of saying so up front rather than have a question on page 35 asking us to give our zip code or select from a drop-down list of US states.

  3. Kirstente

    Great post! I would also add that for some projects it’s worth considering a minimum age restriction – there may be more ethical problems with under -18s.

  4. tigtog

    I’m glad to know several new and important questions I would not have thought to ask a researcher about the anonymising of their database, who would have access to it and for how long, and where I would be able to see their results for myself. This is hugely useful stuff.

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