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Mary is a Sydneysider, a mother, a feminist activist for women in tech, and an erstwhile computer scientist. She co-founded a women-in-tech non-profit, the Ada Initiative, where she presently works. Mary also writes for Geek Feminism, and, when there's no other suitable venue, for her own blog

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10 responses to “The 62nd Down Under Feminists Carnival”

  1. tigtog

    That’s one mega-marvelous carnival, Mary! Thanks for curating it.

  2. anjum rahman

    thanx so much for including me in the carnival & i really appreciate the highlighting of new blogs. great carnival too.

  3. Mindy

    Wow, lots of quality reading here. Thanks for collating it all Mary.

  4. Chally

    Thank you so, so much, Mary. :)

  5. Helen

    Thanks for the very fine DUFC Mary! And the link.

  6. canbebitter

    thank you very much for including me in this terrific carnival! can’t wait for my turn hosting next month :)

  7. Jo

    Wow, what a lovely huge carnival! Thank you for all your work, Mary. :)

  8. Aqua of the Questioners

    The link to the Koori Woman’s post for Reconciliation Week seems to be borked. Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the Carnival.

  9. newswithnipples

    Oh wow, what a sensational carnival! Well done, and thank you.

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