Owie owie ow

I’m awake at 5:45am because of two consequences of following the unwritten law of Sydney:

thou shalt spend Australia Day beside the harbour.

The corollary laws? First the schedule confusion law:

thou shalt forget to put thy bins out when bin day falls on a public holiday, thereby having to rush downstairs at 5:30am, grab the prawn heads out of the fridge, then run outside and race the wheelie bin out to the street when thee is woken by the Friday morning garbage truck.

and then discovering the forgotten law:

Australia Day is the one day of the year when thou shalt become sunburnt.


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  1. It’s -9 degC right now. The day was bright, sunlight bouncing off the white snow to dazzle the eyes, while the sky was that intense, pure almost painful blue, seen through clear cold air, free of haze.No sunburns here today, but it felt like a possibility.

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