Friday Furry Fun: Cat chases bear

From the National Geographic:

June 13, 2006:- Perhaps not since the Cowardly Lion has an animal’s appearance been so at odds with its attitude. On June 4 a black bear wandered into a West Milford, New Jersey, back yard, was confronted by a 15-pound (7-kilogram) tabby cat … and fled up a neighbor’s tree. Hissing at the base of the tree, Jack the clawless cat kept the bear at bay for about 15 minutes, then ran him up another tree after an attempted escape.

It’s such a great picture.

Hat-tip to Susoz of Personal Political.

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  1. What a wonderful picture and story – however thank goodness we don’t declaw our cats here… I find that so cruel and so absolutely horrid. Jack sure is pretty cool!

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