More pimping the idiot box

Ricky Gervais’ new series, Extras, starts tonight on ABC at 9pm in the slot where Absolute Power just ended its season. If they had to take my Stephen Fry away, at least I get Ricky in his place (talk about contrasts in brilliant biting humour styles).

It follows on from our tied-for-#1-slot family favorite must-see programme, Spicks and Specks, (equal #1 is the new Dr Who). Then there’s the still amusing Glasshouse, and the comfy slipper of David and Margaret At The Movies before bedtime.

We love our Wednesday nights in.

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  1. We have the same favourites. I just wish that Tuesday nights had something to offer…

  2. Tuesday is often blow-the-dust-off-an-old-DVD night for us, which is usually excellent fun as we chat through the slow bits and poke fun at the dodgy bits and eat too much. Not last night though: mr tog was doing tax stuff so I ended up on cable. Caught the gorgeous Sidney Poitier in In the Heat of the Night, which I’d forgotten huge slabs of, so that was pretty good.

  3. I’m the same with Wednesday nights – I had a truly vile day yesterday, and was sooooo disappointed when I got home and realised it was only Tuesday and no comfort TV.

  4. Yes, Wednesdays are my ‘eating dinner in front of the telly’ night. I just wish they’d put Marg & Dave on BEFORE the glass house.

  5. I missed Extras! We had parents-in-law staying, and they got hold of the tele first and chose this quiz show thing on seven. Since they did two nights of babysitting plus did school drop-offs so I could sleep-in it would have been churlish of me to insist on changing the channel. This week though…

  6. What a shame, Thirdcat. I was alraeady coming around to seeing Ben Stiller as more than I had originally thought he was, and seeing him send himself up so totally was brilliant.Roll on the rest of the “stars” who don’t take themselves too seriously!

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