Weekend flashback: boots on the bridge

I’m amazed at how difficult it is to find an image online of Uhura’s boots.

Apparently all the screen-capture nerds were much more interested in the Mirror-Uhura, but they only show her from the waist up, so I had to resort to the action figure to show you the even better boots.

No wonder the bridge crew got all discombobulated.

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3 replies

  1. It’s bleeding tragic that there are no good screencaps of her erotic and distractoriffic fan dance from Final Frontier. Bye the bye, have you done Conan yet?

  2. Very good guess on next week’s boots, crushing enemies and listening to the lamentations of their women and all that.She definitely had some sexy moments, did Nichelle. I’m a bit disturbed as to how the action figure’s been all skinnified instead of showing her proper curves, though.

  3. {sigh] Uhura’s fab.

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