Emma, I nearly broke the blog

Thanks to Matilda and Vicki letting me know that comments were broken on the entry below, I have now fixed the problem (which was a couple of left-over [/br] tags from when I wrote the piece up initially as a draft email, which is my lazy wont).
I can change to a text editor from the default WYSIWY(allegedly)G editor on WordPress: I saw that option, didn’t check it and now have to remember where it is.

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  1. Bring back Mrs Peel from the jungle!
    Just sayin…
    Nice theme and tweaking, tigtog!

  2. I moved to new digs awhile ago myself. Come on by for a drink.

  3. Jungle-schmungle, Kimberella.
    Mrs Peel is outraging hidebound country gentleman and peers of the realm by treating their club furniture so cavalierly. They’re probably about to have community conniptions when she orders champagne instead of fino sherry.

  4. Lala – I will have to drop by, I haven’t checked out your place for ages. Shameful.

  5. Oh, lovely theme and tweaking, Ms Tog! So cool and refreshing on the eye!

  6. (And you disable the WYSIWYAG editor way, way, way down the bottom hiding. It’s the one thing about WP so far I don’t reckon is much chop.)

  7. That last comment was helpful, wasn’t it? Shame I left out the part about it being on the “Users” page.

  8. Thanks, Zoe. I found the relevant checkbox in the end, and now am less likely to inadvertently screw up quite so badly. At least that way, anyway.

    Next thing is just new plugins!

  9. I rejigged the banner, too. That Lincoln green was wrong, and I’d lost the nice rolled edges, so it’s neater and more elegant now. Much more suitable for Emma.

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