More Dieboldical machinations

weezil at Machine Gun Keyboard keeps us up to date on the dastardly Diebold voting machines: in the last week not only have they been proven to be embarrasingly easy to untraceably tamper with electronically, but the much touted lock to prevent such tampering can be opened with an easily obtainable mini-bar key. Read, as they say, the whole thing.

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  1. TT, this item becomes important to Australians if the rumours I’ve been hearing lately about Australia adopting electronic voting machines ever come true.
    Because of the brilliant (and neutral) AEC, dark clouds of suspicion simply don’t exist over our elections as they do over US elections.
    I’d love to box up the AEC and ship it to the US! US polls are not monitored by independent parties but rather are conducted by members of the Repuglican and Democrat parties.
    It wouldn’t be the first time that America has adopted Australian electoral methods. The ‘secret ballot’ was imported to the USA in the 1850s, known back then as an ‘Australian ballot. ‘

  2. Weez, there’s a good article at Staring at Empty Pages about the Diebold machines.

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