True Mom Confessions

TrueMomConfessions Along the lines of Postcard Secrets – short posts allegedly from moms of feelings they feel that they can’t tell those around them. Interesting.

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  1. I think this site is a bad idea. Not because women, mothers can get what they have been thinking off their chests, which is a good thing, but because watching eyes will used it against the collective women. As long as the playing field is disproportionately against women, the backlash of possible subversions must be considered.
    It is deeply entrenched in patriarchal myth, particularly western myth that women are evil. I could understand this as subversive if in fact, it was subversive to the patriarchy but it is not. At first glance, it looks as if it is because it is defiling the stereotypical pure mother who would never have an ugly thought, the very restrictive role of motherhood that patriarchy has created and expects to perpetuate by rewarding her existence. I do not see where that point is necessary to make if everyone, including women saw themselves as human, as in human without the man.
    Men and other women, especially women wishing to score points with men will simply used this as evidence to prove that women cannot be trusted, specifically not be trusted with children. I can imagine MRA using some of this as evidence in custody hearings and such.
    There are thoughts that one should keep to themselves or only share them with a trusted friend. I am afraid anything that can be used against women falls in this category.

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