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We’ve been running a bit of a series on repulsive advertising featuring women’s bodies:

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* Pornified racist slavery in the pursuit of fashion: Because “fun “n’ edgy” and “pornification of slavery” are so easily confused.
* The Brazilian low-fat yoghurt ads: Ads that make you go Grrr

Today’s edition features a giant grass-painted porn ad on the approach to Gatwick airport. Via the Times Online, the ad features the silhouette of a woman humping a stripper pole, with the text:


gatwick stripper ad
[image credit: The Guardian]

Because men need gyrating drooling submissive women delivered to their mobile phones wherever they go. I don’t envy those of you who have to put up blokes jerking off to this tripe on the subway, or those of you forced to work in this fucked-up industry.

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