Girls in white gumboots and fat chicks in chainmail

I’m fascinated by the Referrer section in website logs. I’m not sure why. Is it the voyeurism of a tiny glimpse into someone else’s web cruising habits, the sociology of wondering why people search for what they do, the laughs? Either way, I thought I’d offer you a bit of that glimpse into a few search terms used by people landing at Hoyden About Town. I’ve omitted lots of obvious ones – people searching for “hoyden about town” or for particular blog posts (like “brazilian yogurt ads”). I’ve also omitted a revoltingly large number of searches for specific-aged teen girls engaging in various sex acts.

So here it is: a brief expurgated list of the interests of people landing at Hoyden.

photos of fat women sex
do men like heavy women
men hate fat women
fat womens
photograph of very fat men
waist to bust ratio calculator
thinspiration nudes
bony pink anorexia
fat sluts
fat hairy women
thin women porn
do fat women look sexy
why do men like fat women now
thin men like chubby women
fat fuckers
fat naked chicks dominant
female bashing blogs
predatory men
manipulation and alcohol in men
sexism in relationships
rape resist
rape stories

aboriginal porn
slavery porn
girls wearing tight panties
bun huggers
girls in short midriffs
totally fuckable disabled
horse fcuking women
sex industry
puking women
the truth about brazilian women
14 years old thong
12 and 13 year old girls
can a ten year old get pregnancy
being a ten year old girl
male seeks breastmilk
breastfeeding hansard
choice of birth
cognitive dissonance
public policy tangible intangible
chicks in chainmail
pink healthcare
stop on spoon
beef wellington
the office of the messiah
it aint me babe
gays against straights
define de facto for australian tax
believers baptism
what happens when beef turns green
white gumboots
women gumboots
stupid bloody shoes
peoples reactions when really scared
feminism is wrong
pink windscreen wipers
what would australia be like without european contact
boot howard out
bigotry moral panic
tubas hoyden

And my favourite search event? Someone searched for pretty women porn blog, and their top five hits included Hoyden About Town, Feministing, CampusProgress, and the Women of Color blog. Take that, pornhound.

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  1. “Pink windscreen wipers”?… Cute.
    “What happens when beef turns green?”… Uh, how long have you been living away from your Mum then? (I hope that person isn’t in hospital having his stomach pumped!)
    But on the whole I find these search terms hateful, and scary.

  2. One of the first experiences it seems you’re rewarded with as a new blogger is your first paedophile Google search landing at your site. Its a vile moment. Then, week after week you see suspect searches finding their way to your site somehow. I try to pretend each one is a law enforcement agency on the prowl for offenders but… unlikely.
    As I’ve discussed a few times on my site I get lots of “erotic breastfeeding” searches. My favourite recent search was “Feminists who like cock”.

  3. Some of these are unintentionally funny: “photograph of very fat men”, “female bashing blogs” (????), “chicks in chainmail”, “what happens when beef turns green”. A lot of them are absolutely disgusting. I’ve classed my blog as unsearchable on search engines and some of these … yeah … I’m kind of glad.

  4. Ooooo! The office of the messiah! Now you’re big time.

  5. Did you deliberately compose the subject line to be sung to the tune of “My Favourite Things”? (If I had more time and a stronger stomach, I’m sure I could synthesise a couple of verses from the search strings you quote…)

  6. “female bashing blogs”?
    Jesus Christ. And Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey. In a handbasket.

  7. My favourite referrer has been “feminist obsession with castration”. Methinks somebody else may have the obsession here.
    And I know what the guy who found me via “hardcore grannies” was looking for, but it still makes me think of a heavy metal band composed of 80 year old women.

  8. Did you deliberately compose the subject line to be sung to the tune of “My Favourite Things”? (If I had more time and a stronger stomach, I’m sure I could synthesise a couple of verses from the search strings you quote”¦)

    I surely did. Like you, I briefly considered trying to construct a full verse, but bailed out.
    The paedophilia searches are vomitous and rage-inducing. I should emphasis that there were plenty of searches omitted just because they weren’t particularly odd or amusing or illustrative, they were clearly searching for things we’ve posted. Like “aboriginal emergency plan”, “feminism”, “anti feminist bingo”, that sort of thing. And these searches had many instances each.
    In the last 24 hours, we’ve had searches of all kinds landing up here, from “pole dancing jokes” to “rabbit pie”.

  9. public policy tangible intangible

    Huh. So very true.

    manipulation and alcohol in men

    I’m not sure if this is the interrogative, the imperative or a conditional sentence.

    The office of the messiah

    Big time nothing. It’s just full of mindless bureaucrats, apparatchiks and spin doctors.

  10. it aint me babe
    But you got the Dylan fans too, so that’s something.
    Sometimes I do google searches which if you didn’t know the context could read very weird. Must remember to clear cache before I die.

  11. I’ve never seen chicks in chain mail here, and now feel duly ripped off.
    OTOH someone neither knowing whether 10 year olds can get prenancy, nor how to do a better google for that information, shows you just how much a Fundie grab at reproductive (false) counselling isn’t what’s needed.

  12. I used to do a weekend flashback feature on movies featuring boots for winter and swords and sandals for summer. I haven’t done it for a while, but one of my boots flashbacks was Red Sonja, thus the chicks in chainmail stuff.


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