New study results: recent global warming not due to solar effects

From The Australian (!):

THE key plank of a controversial British documentary has been discredited by new research showing that the sun is not causing global warming.

The findings are in stark contrast to claims made in the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, which is to be shown on ABC television on Thursday.

The program dismisses the widely held conclusion that greenhouse gases from human activity are driving global warming, instead claiming that changes in solar activity have triggered recent warming.

“Manmade global warming is unmitigated nonsense,” the program’s writer and director, Martin Durkin, wrote in last Saturday’s The Weekend Australian.

But solar physicists at Britain’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the University of Southampton, along with colleague Claus Froehlich of the World Radiation Centre in Dorf, Switzerland, have found that while solar activity may have played a role in climate change in the first half of the last century, it is not driving the recent rapid warming.

Their conclusion was based on a study of all the available solar data for the past 100 years.

They found no correlation between total solar radiation, the number of sun spots or cosmic ray intensity and global warming since 1985.

“Our results show that the observed rapid rise in global mean temperatures seen after 1985 cannot be ascribed to solar variability,” they will report this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

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  1. Of course Global warming is not caused by the sun. Its caused by all the chemicals going into the air screwing all of us over.

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