Weekend Feminist Reading

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Hard to believe, but apparently even feminists can be sexy…
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Manly men
from Firedoglake by David Neiwert

On Myths and Monsters
from Having Read The Fine Print…… by Black Amazon

The Scarlet O
from kateharding.net by fillyjonk

Today’s essentialism smackdown
from Pandagon by Amanda Marcotte

An American Brigadoon”¦
from Feministe by Rosanne

Fat-phobic sports news
from Kindly Póg Mo Thóin by Zuzu

Ask a Spinster Aunt: giggling, feminism, and you
from I Blame The Patriarchy by Twisty

Double standards
from Pandagon by Amanda Marcotte

Illegal abortion killing and injuring women in the Philippines
from Feministe by Jill

The F-Word Blog has a collection of great posts:

Glad to be grey?
from The F-Word Blog by Samara Ginsberg

Married men do less housework than co-habitees
from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe

Mind the gap!
from The F-Word Blog by Samara Ginsberg

Feminism declared dead, again
from The F-Word Blog by Louise Livesey

Cosmo renames rape – as not rape
from The F-Word Blog by Louise Livesey

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  1. Thanks for these, I love it when people make up a list of recommended readings. Some of these I’ve already read and it was nice to see them get the recognition and others I’m happy to have been introduced to.

  2. Thanks, bluemilk. I sometimes forget to do this stuff as regularly as I should. Anyone else who’s been struck by something they’ve read recently, please do add it in comments.


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