The League of Maternal Justice wants YOU!


If you’ve ever breastfed, or supported a mother who breastfed, or support the right of other mothers to freely breastfeed no matter what, the League wants you tomorrow as part of the Great Virtual Breast Fest. There’s an emphasis on mothers who are currently nursing, but any of us who’ve done it in the past are welcome to join in as well.

Activate your wonder powers by pulling out your boobs on October 10, 2007 at 10:00am (your time) (mark your calendars!) and showing the world that you’re a boobtastic superhero mom and damn proud of it.

We’re asking women around the world to speak out – and squirt out! – against the banning of breastfeeding pictures on Facebook, as well as against the constant onslaught of negative attention toward breastfeeding mothers in public spaces and in the media.

That’s right. We’re staging a virtual nurse-in!

On October 10 at 10am (your time), women around the US and Canada and – we hope – the world will breastfeed for justice. We’ll nurse our babies or bottle-feed our babies or reminisce about doing either of those things and we’ll post pictures and video, all together, and let the world know that there is no shame, only power, in caring for our children.

Read more from the League (you should click across just to view their great banner).

H/T to TwoPeasNoPod.

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