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  1. That. Is. Classic.

  2. Har.
    Did you see the video of the election announcement speech?
    I don’t know if it’s a political Rorschach test or something, but in the first 45 seconds, it looks to me like he’s about to burst into tears any second.

  3. Contrite, trite con, whatever.

  4. Mungo MacCallum dubbed him the unsinkable turd after the last election. Let’s make it a full flush this time. Enough personal politics or is it just a metaphor for his style of electioneering. ‘Labor View from Broome’ is back from Ningaloo reef and ready for some policy debate.

  5. I’ve tweaked the text into LOLcat speak for a LOL-pols competition run by Greensblog. Check out the Flickr-pool!

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