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With yesterday’s announcement of a November 24th election, the election writs are likely to be officially announced on Wednesday this week. If you’re not currently enrolled, you must enrol to vote before 8PM on Wednesday 17th October. If you are enrolled but need to update your details, you have until 8PM Tuesday 23rd October to do so.


Note: if you mail your enrolment forms they probably won’t make the cutoff. Scan and email your completed form to info@aec.gov.au, or fax your completed form to the your local AEC office (find your division’s fax number here using postcodes).

For those of us who think we’re enrolled, verify your details!

Hat-tip to Greensblog, who also point out that:

You can also use the site to check your electorate information, learn more about the electoral system or find out the various ways you can vote.

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  1. Applied for a postal vote today….
    Now who to vote for? hmmmmm

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