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  1. Ah, but people were writing/drawing D/G slash before!

  2. Yes, but now it’s CANON!!!!

  3. I did such a happy insane victory dance when I read about this last night. 😀 I’ve been smiling ever since– the heteronormativity of Harry Potter always bothered me, and (like many others) I’ve been reading Dumbledore/Grindelwald as gay since soon after Deathly Hallows came out (I’ll confess, I didn’t pick up on it in my first reading, but it became obvious after that). No slash from me, but I love the fanart that’s been produced.
    This one is my favourite.
    Good on J. K. Rowling.

  4. But now it’s not slash!
    It’s canonically His Love Was So Repressed and Gay and Now He’s Dead. Like pre-Stonewall pulp fiction, with wizard robes and less scandal.

  5. I demand that that Donna Summer track be included in the HP7 soundtrack. Totally. Made. My Week.!! Who are we casting as Grindelwand. Rupert?

  6. GrindelWald not Wand. Humble apologies. I have a slight dyslexia. I read the entire first book thinking “Dumblemore”. I would probably still be doing so if it weren’t for a chance conversation with my sister.

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