Is Missy Hillary a lipsniger?

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I’m surprised that detailed lesbian slurs against Clinton have taken this long to arise, actually, given that her sexual preferences have been questioned since long before Gennifer Flowers’ memoirs put the allegations into print. The fact that the alleged lust partner is both stunningly beautiful and a Muslima add to the salaciousness of the scandal, certainly.

The wingnuts have, predictably, gone wild with innuendo, smutty jokes, and paranoid speculation that Ms Abedin is a secret agent for the Saudi intelligence services.

I doubt that this rumour will change many minds: it will merely focus the distaste of those who already dislike Clinton onto her sexuality in an attempt to make it seem even more dangerous than her husband’s. People already inclined to vote for her aren’t likely to believe it. The wingnuts are merely, once again, shining the light under the rock of their obsession with other people’s sex lives.

(* for those confused by the post title, it references what has proven to be the most-commented LP post ever, Is Missy Higgins a Lesbian?, currently standing at 469 comments, wherein the misspelling lipsniger somehow arose and was immortalised).

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  1. Wow, those guys play hardball. Makes you wonder why people ever run for political office, knowing that that is bound to happen to you. Makes me feel like having a shower.

  2. It is nasty, isn’t it? They must be worried that they’re losing some of their socially conservative base who aren’t kneejerk about identity politics stuff, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing this card.

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