New baby gorilla at Taronga!


Frala and Kibabu of Sydney have a newborn baby! Born today, the 2 kg baby boy has joined brother Fataki in the Taronga Zoo. A visitor noticed blood on Frala’s coat, and her and the newly-born baby were found to be both healthy and relaxed.

The Herald Sun reports:

Kibabu and Frala’s new son, who joins his four-year-old brother Fataki at the zoo, will feed on breast milk alone for around eight months before being introduced to vegetarian solids the rest of his family enjoys.

But gorillas also continue to supplement their diet with breast milk up until the age of four.

Funny how people still whiffle on about how perverted and unnatural it is for humans to feed their preschoolers, eh? Kathy Dettwyler has worked on establishing a “natural” weaning age for humans as members of the primate family, and has concluded that we probably evolved to wean somewhere between the age of 2.5 and 7.0 years of age.

(Is it just me, or is it a bit creepy the way the primate keeper talks about how “sexy” the silverback is?)

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