A day in Hobart: Xmas Eve

This miscreant would turn up as soon as we opened the blinds and the door onto the balcony.

Morning Magpie

mr tog and I spent the morning chasing up last minute Xmas requirements while Nana kept an eye on the kids. It was a grey day, and we were rather tired after the previous day’s trip to Port Arthur, so a rest day seemed the way to go. We thought that we would save a trip to the top of Mount Wellington until Xmas arvo, as it was forecast fine, but then the sky cleared in the early arvo and we thought – right, let’s go!

The view was exquisite, in bright sunlight too.

View from Mount Wellington, Hobart

But the sunlight didn’t last. Ten minutes later, we were astonished by some light snowflakes. We just enjoyed it for a while, then noticed that the flakes were becoming icy, not so much sleet as sago snow((Sago snow: (sago from the graininess of the snow) Snow which falls as very small, round, hard balls, sometimes with a fluffy exterior. [cite] ~tigtog)), and thick cloud was obscuring the view. We headed back to the cars, and by the time we got there this is all we could see of the lookout points:

10 minutes later, it snowed

We drove down the mountain through swirling snow:

Snow flying as we drive down

By the time we were five hundred metres below the summit, the sky was clear again.

Mount Wellington under clear skies

We headed back to the flat to wrap presents and eat oysters, and later watched this lovely moonrise.

Moonrise over Hobart

All in all a most varied and satisfactory day.

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  1. Did you happen to notice if it got hot too at some point? That’s the most graceful miscreant I’ve ever seen. What a poser! The albatross shot is good too, very apt. Better on the wing in the distance than hanging around your neck.
    The Wandering Albatross has 3.5 metre wingspan, it boggles the mind. He/she would take up my entire living room, which is not necessarily small.

  2. The last day of our holiday it got up to 26 degrees C – that was the warmest day for us. I believe it’s been a bit warmer this week.
    I know when I was researching temperature variation before we went that I found records of variation of more than 20 degrees C over 48 hours. Changeable place!

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