“Find One With A Big Rack And Mount It”: Woman-hating hunter fashion

After strangedave pointed to these creepy Blackwater baby onesies, I went looking for the infant hunting paraphernalia that had creeped me out in the past. I didn’t find the specific stuff, but I did stumble over some particularly misogynistic, dehumanising hunterporn shirts, with more than a tinge of White Power in the mix. Ew ew ew.


[description: pouty blonde women with a too-small bikini and a camo cap is photoshopped as if riding a large stag. Caption on shirt reads: “Hunter’s Guide To Good Living: Find One With A BIG RACK AND MOUNT IT!”]

[more after the cut.]


[description: pornified airbrushed blonde woman, again in a camo hat and a too-small bikini with quadraboob and her bum hanging out, is depicted within in large red gun sights and superimposed on the silhouette of a stag. Woman is holding a rifle awkwardly, pointed at the sky, but is clearly the subject of the hunter’s predatory gaze, not a hunter herself. Bullets are perched phallically in the corner of the picture. Caption: “HUNTING FOR TAIL”.]


[description: woman in a feathered hat, Ugg boots, G-string and teeny bikini top is pictured from behind. She is posed in a porny squat. She is looking at an arrow, and she has a bow Photoshopped onto her other hand – it doesn’t look as though she is actually holding a real bow. A deer is in the forested background. Caption: “Bow Hunters Like White Tails and Big Racks“.]


[description: thin white woman is posed in an awkward semi-squat with an near-impossible lumbar lordosis presenting her bum presenting to the viewer. She wears a camo hat with “White tail” written on it, and a camo G-string. In the background is a field and a deer, and in the foreground, a rifle pasted onto the picture. A stage lies ?dead under the woman. Caption: “HUNT WHITE TAIL AND LET THE MOON SHINE.”]

I think this all qualifies for my new stamp (which you’re welcome to use as you wish):


And then there’s this.


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  1. And they say that feminists hate men– I think that many of those people are just so filled with their own hate towards women and towards themselves that they can’t imagine opposing something on the basis of something other than hatred. Hell, they can’t even imagine bonding with others (whether sexually or Platonically) unless it’s based on hatred.

  2. Some of the stuff you can get from these online hunting shops for k kids is just amusing. I thought that Camo pilchers for boys, and fir girls with a bit of lace tacked on was taking it a bit far but still pretty harmless. I never got as far as these t-shirts. Fortunately I have never seen one of these at a shooting event here in Oz. I don’t think most clubs would not be too impressed.

  3. I’m going to be a bit controversial here and say that I don’t think these t-shirts are necessarily about woman hating. I think they are more about insecure men who would dearly love to be able to be with one of these pneumatic women (as a trophy girlfriend) but can’t because women like that don’t tend to hang out with men like them (who can’t afford the plastic surgery it takes to look like that). So I think it’s more of a sick fantasy thing than a woman hating thing. They want women in their sights, but not to shoot, but to have relations with. The poorly represented ideal is a reflection of their lack of people skills and inability to deal with real women.
    Sorry if this comment is badly spelt, the side of the comment box keeps disappearing.

  4. Mindy, I’d agree that most of the men who enjoy shirts like this wouldn’t believe that they were motivated by hatred, but I still think that it’s clearly a case of woman-hating. Men who fantasise about equating women with hunted animals hate women-as-people. They may love women-as-object, women-as-hunted-animal, but if those women asserted their right to be treated as people, I’m pretty sure that most men who would wear or even laugh at a shirt like that would be quick to disparage her for it at best, and outright abuse her at worst.

  5. What Beppie said. Mindy, you’re raising a relative of the Nice Guy(tm) defence – the idea that socially awkward geeks are somehow entitled to treat women like non-human sexual objects, just because they deserve someone lower than them on the totem pole, and who is a more obvious target for that position than women?
    The very term “trophy girlfriend” dehumanises women utterly. It’s not up to us to propose excuses for that sort of misogyny.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..You – You – You – Non-cookie-cutter feminist, you!

  6. No, I didn’t make myself clear, my argument was that the t-shirts say more about the men wearing them, than about their ideas about women. I’m not trying to make excuses for their misogyny, but trying to point out that I don’t think the t-shirts are necessarily about shooting women because they hate them. The fantasy women are beign treated like trophies, like the bucks they are straddling. I agree that it shows a very broken side of male nature, but I’m not convinced that it necessarily shows an outright hatred of women.

  7. So you’re arguing that it’s not hateful because it’s a metaphor? Metaphor is one of the most powerful ideological tools at our disposal. Sure, these men may not literally want to shoot a woman with a gun, but they are equating the process of relating to a woman sexually with the process of killing an animal, thereby demeaning an act that can be egalitarian, respectful, loving, etc, at the expense of a woman’s personhood. How is that NOT hate? It may not be an incitement to shoot a woman with a rifle (although sadly, that is the end effect of dehumanization for some women anyway), but it’s still hate. That broken side of male nature (or at least males enculturated into this particular version of masculinity) that you talk about is broken because of hate for women-as-people.

  8. I’m questioning whether it’s about hate or fantasy, or whether in this case the two are inextricably interwoven. I’m not arguing that it isn’t broken, or awful, I’m with you on that.

  9. I think, Mindy, that it’s highly unlikely that fantasy would take this form if it were not for an underlying hatred of women-as-people. If you view someone that you are sexually attracted to as a person, why would you equate them with a hunted animal (with the underlying metaphor of penis-as-gun)? Isn’t denying someone personhood a very effective way to establish your hatred of them? This is something we see all the time, even in people who have a good reason for hating someone– for instance, if someone murdered a member or your family, (a hypothetical) you might say that they were a monster, and that they didn’t deserve a fair trial, that they should simply be shot/locked up/tortured etc. When we hate someone, I think it’s pretty natural (though not fair or healthy) to try to distance ourselves from them by denying them humanity.
    Of course, hating women is not as clear-cut, because it is not linked to a specific instance, it’s based on cultural attitudes and assumptions, some of which disparage women, and some of which idealise women unrealistically. So men who hate women often use metaphor to obfuscate their hatred, allowing them to claim that they “love” women (that is women-as-objects) while still engaging in the powerful hate-spawned process of dehumanization.

  10. Okay I can see, and agree, with your point now. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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