Two cubic metres down and counting

That’s how much unneeded clutter was hauled away from my driveway this morning, courtesy of my council’s Free Booked Waste Collection.

How much do I love not having to pay for a skip and then have the stress of filling that whole volume within a day or have to pay extra? The council will come and take away 2 cubic metres of junk and clutter every single week if I book them to do so, and sorting through the boxes in the garage to generate 1-2 cubic metres of disposable stuff is an easily achievable target that’s not overwhelming (we haven’t been able to park a car in our garage for years now, to give you an idea of how much I have to sort through).

Yesterday I discovered toys that hadn’t seen the light of day since before SpongeBob Squarepants started annoying the world, and the presentable ones are going into either the charity bags (mostly) or the keep-for-grandparenting box (the best). The same with the outgrown clothes (keeping the best dress-up stuff). We’re installing an attic-ladder to move the boxes of keep-it stuff to, and shortly we will be able to park the car under cover!

Then we paint the kitchen.

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  1. Oh yeah. I’ve spent the week cleaning the house and sorting stuff out in preparation for our move to Melbourne later in the year. Yesterday we gave several cubic metres of clothes and books to the Salvos, mostly clothes I’ve been hanging on to that I either don’t or can’t wear. It may take an intervention for me to let go of any more of my books – we’ll have to see.
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  2. I read a newspaper article the other day which made out that ZOMG!! The summer holidays are an environmental disaster, because the volume of rubbish / recycling in the rubbish / recycling bins goes up considerably.
    I agree Christmas day, with all those blister packs and wrapping, is a horror. But the person who did the “study” must not have taken into account that the holidays are usually the time people have time to CLEAN. Der!
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  3. It may take an intervention for me to let go of any more of my books – we’ll have to see.

    Nooooooooo! Not the books!
    Insert “ObWhenTheyPryThemFromMyColdDeadHands” here.

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