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Just a bit of fun, yer ‘onor.

Every now and then I feel the urge to “play the Troll card” or “play the Bored card” on certain discussion threads i.e. point out that another commentor has grown tedious in one way or another. Because the ways in which commentors wax tedious are not all that varied (indeed that is a large part of what make them tedious) even finding the words to point out their lack of substantive contribution or amusement value becomes enervating.

So, I have played with my image editing software (Photoshop for fun and snarking) and have created the two cards below which I shall play in various forums as required (and where I have image posting privileges).

willow troll-card

I’m sure that y’all have some ideas along similiar lines of your own. Why not create them, and post them to Flickr and add them to the Universal Smartarses Cooperative image pool?

Or if you don’t have image editing software, leave a suggestion in comments?

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