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Via jadine in the Shapely Prose comments, who posted this screenshot, the Daily Mail’s take on “health”. I think there’s something in this for all of us.

“A picture of poor health”, Sean Lennon, who they dub “rotund” and “The Walrus”:



So how should we be aiming to look? Well, the Mail instructs us, Amy Winehouse is “looking the picture of health” as the paparazzi snap her at rehab:



She’s “on her way to a gym”! And you couldn’t pinch an inch! That makes her “a picture of health”, right?


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  1. Aww . . . this make me sad. I love Sean Lennon (mostly because I love John). He has put on an amount of weight that is alarming considering what he used to weigh, but without that side-by-side comparison, it seems pretty ridiculous and he looks to be an average weight.
    Also, I’ve always felt that being that thin wasn’t very healthy, in addition to it being kind of disturbing that he used it as an excuse to wear his father’s (admittedly awesome) clothing, and then used the clothing as an excuse to match it with the haircut that John had when he originally wore that same outfit. I honestly saw a picture of him in a magazine a few years ago, alongside other photos of celebrities, and freaked the fuck out because I thought it was John. He had on one of John’s famous white suits, the long hair, full beard, the glasses of course . . . I’m a Lennon nut, and I seriously stared at that picture for several minutes and could not tell the difference except for the quality of the photo and the caption at the bottom.
    So hey, it’s likely that gaining weight and buying his own clothes is actually a sign of positive health for him. Looking that much like his dad was always kind of cool, but the deliberate nature of it was also pretty creepy.
    And that commences my completely random celebrity gawking for the day.
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  2. Oh, and to clarify . . . I’m not sad because I think that being overweight is tragic, but because the press is picking on him. Just to be clear.
    Cara’s last blog post..Child Murder Trial Takes Another Disgusting Turn

  3. My favorite part is this:
    Growing up, the formerly slender performer looked every inch his father’s son, but the similarities have lessened as his waistline has an expanded.
    Sean Lennon is 32 years old. His father rose to fame between the ages of 17 and 30, and was dead at 40. Of COURSE our image of his father is as a young, slender man — just as Sean was in his twenties — but that’s only because he didn’t get a chance to age. For Pete’s sake.
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  4. Thank you for blogging this! This is just a perfect example of the extreme stupidity of the tabloid press. God forbid any young girls or guys are being influenced by this trash masquerading as information.
    Cara, I agree that it’s good he is finding his own identity. But disagree that wearing his father’s vintage designer clothing is in any way strange. Many of the 60’s styles are very much back in fashion now, and who could blame him for taking advantage of the incredible collection of clothing that would otherwise just sit in storage?

  5. Actually, Kate, another irony here is that John got thinner with age. He slimmed down and was at the very low weight that he is remembered for and maintained until his death around Revolver time . . . before that, he was, as he referred to himself, the “fat Beatle” (he was only about as mildly overweight as Sean is here). If Sean shaved, I’m sure that the similarity in appearance would come right back — only, he would look closer to Young John.
    And how John lose the weight? He started taking hard drugs. Once he got clean, he chain smoked and practiced some fairly extreme methods of eating. But hey, at least he wasn’t a “walrus!” So he must have been healthy!
    Also, the whole trend of taking pictures of “fat” people while they’re eating to reinforce the writer’s insistence that the person is fat is really obnoxious.
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  6. I think he looks perfectly nice in those pictures. I love the way that they imply that anyone who is not skinny should not have the audacity to snack in public.

  7. Jadine, let me clarify. I don’t have an issue with him wearing the clothes; you better believe that if I had John Lennon’s wardrobe, I’d be finding a way to squeeze into it, too. Like in this photo, he’s almost certainly wearing John’s suit, but he’s otherwise not trying to look like white-suit-phase John. Not weird.
    My concern and icky feelings came from the way that, for a while, he gave the impression of deliberately trying to blur the line between his father and himself though the clothes, hair, facial hair, etc. that was in many cases straight out of old photos of John (here and here).
    Also, I’m honestly not judging him on that, because I can only imagine that if I had the most famous dad in the universe, was extremely close to him up until the age of 5 when he was murdered and saw him every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I would have have some issues to work out, too (which can probably be seen seen in this picture which really DOES creep me out, as it probably will for many others who understand the significance). I also think that this an understandable faze to go through, but one that it would only be healthy to outgrow. So I hope that his moving away from that look (never saw John wearing a hat like that!) is a good sign for him. This is the first haircut I’ve ever seen on him that doesn’t look exactly like something that John had. I think that the glasses are kind of sweet, not to mention practical because if they looked good on a guy who you’re the spitting image of, of course they’re going to look good on you, too.
    And for the record, yeah I know that I totally don’t know the guy and therefore could very well be talking out of my ass, but for some reason I just can’t help myself. Who knows, maybe he just has his dad’s sense of humor and is fucking with us 🙂
    Cara’s last blog post..One-Quarter of U.S. Women Experience Intimate Partner Violence

  8. As the saying goes in this house, “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting” (but maybe for smoking). Cigarettes aside, he looks in glowing health beside so many female skinny minnie tragics.
    Just weird equality, men are now being put under the microscope for not being trim and buff. Not sure how this really helps humanity but maybe it sells more tabloids.
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  9. Cigarettes aside, he looks in glowing health

    Deffo. He actually looks quite slender to me – if his jumper were a size bigger, perhaps the public reactions would be different. But OMG eating in public? Banninated for anyone over 50kg, dontcha know.
    I hope Winehouse is better soon, and wish her the best. She looks barely able to stand.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Health in Pictures: the Daily Mail

  10. Good post and yes, if he was wearing better fitting clothes he’d look perfectly slim.
    blue milk’s last blog post..If all my days could pass like this

  11. An interesting story about health and body weight and fitness (
    In this study they considered the comparative effects of fitness and body size/weight in determining the future risk of heart disease/ill health in menopausal women.
    The bottom line was that if you’re skinny and unfit you’re in bigger trouble than someone who’s skinny and fit. And if you’re big and unifit you’re in bigger trouble than someone who’s big and fit.
    The study showed that fitness is a far more important indicator of ‘health’ than body size or weight.
    Of course, at the end of the day, being fit and carrying less weight is best of all. As someone who used to be fit and not carrying extra weight, doing lots and lots of dance training, being smaller is convenient because it means you’re carrying less weight (which means less work) and less flesh on your body (which means it’s easier to move and bend – increased mobility).
    So we should perhaps be worrying about Amy’s status as a drug user (and abuser?) combined with her low body weight and possibly poor fitness far more than we should be worrying about Sean’s slightly chubby body (he’s nowhere near the ‘worry zone’ for weight). But if Sean and Amy went out for a nice half hour walk together every day after a lovely lunch with lots of fresh fruit and veggies they’d both be better off.
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  12. Or, dogpossum, we could mind our own damn business and stop offering unsolicited moralistic health pontifications, both to celebrities and to each other.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Reducing major surgery by 80%: why are surgeons not interested?

  13. Cara, OH EMM GEE. That picture is freaky. I’ve never seen that one. Yeah, that’s way beyond clothing and hair style. It does seem to me that he has inherited/acquired a certain dark sense of humor and depth from his father that continues to enthrall the public. Poor Sean has to work out his issues in plain view of the world. If he does it in an artistic way, more the better. 😉

  14. Sean looks fine to me. He always was a nice looking non skinny kid as I remember years ago. Those stupid jumpers look crap on nearly everyone. Naturally he should ixnay the agfays.
    Poor old Amy looks a bit drawn out but wasn’t she always a “small boned” type like PJ Harvey?
    Anyway what happened to real women like Janis Joplin?
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