You know you’re middle-aged when

…you catch up with old friends who’ve come down to the big smoke not because they are going to a stadium concert at Olympic Park, but because their offspring is going to a stadium concert at Olympic Park.

ed force one
Photograph by tuexperto_com3

He had a very happy headbanging time last night, and could hardly speak today he was so hoarse.

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  1. What about when your kids say “Now I understand… I dunno how you managed”
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Put pathology photos on fat food like cigarettes

  2. Ooh, I haven’t got to that stage yet, Dave.
    I knew Flickr would have the right stuff – a shot of last night’s crowd here.

  3. I was surprised in Melbourne the number young Maiden fans. Most I saw on the streets would not have even been born when ‘Number of the Best’ came out. I mean Maiden are old school and were huge when I was in high school.
    Wish I coulda gone. Woulda been a fun show.
    Wait till AC/DC hits town again. Back in 2001 I saw three generations of AC/DC fans at the Sydney show.
    “Dad, can I do to see AC/DC?”
    “Only if you take your parents.”
    Shaun’s last blog post..Jeff Lang podcast on the making of Discolation Blues

  4. Mr Kozy reports that when he and the young man’s dad did the pickup outside the Arena after the concert they observed many folk sporting long long hair. And many folk not 🙂 And more black shirts in one place than he’d ever seen before.

  5. Sounds like many people had a very good night out.
    It’s interesting to see what old school bands have continued to attract new generations of fans.

  6. My flatmate has been quite mortified that he’s back in India this month and missed Dream Theatre and Iron Maiden, not to mention the Big Day Out! Of all the months to be away …

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