Weekend Wibble: space gems, stem cells, a spot, some spin, and a switch

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Courtesy of Jeff Fecke at Shakesville, this compelling bit of Jesus kitsch.



Astronomers discover a the galaxy’s largest floating space diamond, 4 000 km across. Nicknamed “Lucy”, BPM 37093 is a crystallised white dwarf.

“Our Sun will become a diamond that truly is forever,” says Metcalfe.


ZING! Spring-loaded food fight cutlery.



Cover The Red Spot carnival game. Use five grey circles to completely cover the red. BYO a stress ball.



Our Bodies Our Blog presents “Do Women Really Want On-Demand C-Sections?” The obstetric industry commonly defends the C section escalation crisis as an expression of rising “maternal request” or “maternal demand”. The same people, prompted to use the same language of choice when discussing vaginal birth after Caesarean section, vaginal breech birth, vaginal twin births, or homebirth, give answers that are curiously inconsistent with much-vaunted support for choice.

OBOB points out that if you ask mothers themselves, rather than relying on industry spin and celebrity birth blogs for your information, maternal request accounts for well under 1% of C sections.

More here at “Maternal Request for Cesarean Delivery: Myth or Reality?”


via Neatorama, “Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells”.

A man who had his upper jaw removed for a tumour grew a new jaw within his abdomen. Stem cells were isolated from his fat, attached to a calcium phosphate biomaterial scaffold, and implanted in his abdomen to grow for nine months before being transplated to his face.

The Neatorama commentariat are thrilled to bits about this aspect of stem cell organ technology, but less thrilled at the prospect of stem cell technology taking their precious sperm out of the reproductive process: “Scientists Created Sperm from Bone Marrow of a Woman: Man No Longer Needed for Reproduction”.

Why are people so freaked out about lesbians OMG having children without MEN? How is it any of their damn business? Dudes need to build a bridge.


From Lee’s Doodles – Out of the Loop. Go comment there.


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  1. The Jesus kitsch will make uber-Christian anti-kiddie-porn campaigners who buy this either rewire the switch or keep the light on. The position when “off” is, ahem, unfortunate!
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Don?t feed em if they?re fat – Mississippi House Bill 282

  2. The stem cell work on the new jaw is wonderful. As for the sperm cells from stem cells, didn’t the same team also manage to create oocytes from stem cells? Of course, they haven’t figured out a viable exowomb yet, but when they do won’t gay guys also be able to have kids without women?
    I love Lee’s doodle. Went and commented.
    I have no plans to buy my kids the food fight cutlery.

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