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launching the missile

The US Navy shoots down a decaying satellite.

The news story is here

H/T to one of my Best Mates, Terry.

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  1. Updating:
    * The Pentagon on tracking the debris from the spy satellite.
    * The US Navy obviously has more than one female chief engineer, because they’re not making any fuss about this one. Good for you, Courtney Minetree.

    ENGINEERING ROOM – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates tours the engineering room of the USS Russell with Navy Lt. Courtney Minetree, chief engineer, while aboard the ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008. Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt. Jerry Morrison
    * How reassuring: FEMA has sorting out any toxic debris problems over the USA all organised. Just see the nifty diagram they released.

    And somewhere I did have a link to a site for tracking the debris, but I losted it. Anyone?

  2. It’s interesting that the US has less ageism than Australia – you have people like Robert Gates and Robert Byrd still doing important work well into their senior years – but in Australia once you near or reach 70 it’s off to Shady Pines for you

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