Newsflash: Toys Now Indistinguishable From Satire

Because I couldn’t make this up. Not if I tried.

Struts Runway Magic. It’s a plastic equine! It’s an unfeasibly insubstantial fashion model! It comes in clearly delineated racial types!

It’s – Struts Runway Magic! Now selling at a polymer-soaked femininity indoctrination centre near you.

Struts Sierra!


Struts Sydney!


Struts Rio!


Struts Milan!


[Via Jezebel.]

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5 replies

  1. Suddenly the herd of My Little Ponies at my place seems completely inoffensive.
    Deborah’s last blog post..Hot atheist buns

  2. Equine Bratz. Oh my lord.

  3. Suddenly the herd of My Little Ponies at my place seems completely inoffensive.
    That’s how they do it, Deborah. It’s the frog in the boiling water technique!
    Helen’s last blog post..Friday Dogblogging

  4. I suspect a lot of little girls like horses so very much because they’d like to be one–the natural embodiment of all a patriarchal society will never allow. But this is ridiculous! Being a mature, wise, anti-patriarchy horse-lover who has almost grown out of wanting to be a horse, I have come to the conclusion were it possible to choose between having a baby or having a foal, I’d go for a foal every time. Horses are such nice people. This however is an insult. Horses with handbags and highheels! Good grief.
    Caroline’s last blog post..One weanling left

  5. A few years ago, I looked at the front page of the paper, dropped it onto the table, went into the kitchen, then turned around and re-read the page. The news that some people had flown planes into buildings didn’t sink in the first time.
    I had the same reaction to this.

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