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@ndy at Slackbastard is having a few adventures with folks in the UK serving a “cease and desist” letter to his webhosting service based on defamation allegedly contained in one of @ndy’s posts. The “chilling effect” of this notice of intended legal action has led to Andy temporarily taking down his site at anarchobase. He plans to have the site back up soon.

Read all about it back at the original Slackbastard blog. Weez of MachineGunKeyboard, who points out that as an USAn citizen his website is hosted on facilities in Texas where they have no respect at all for precedents from British law, has reproduced the offending post in full.

Categories: law & order, social justice

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  1. G’day Saucy!
    I’m back at home base:
    Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.
    @ndys last blog post..Back in Black!

  2. More censorshit. This time, oddly enough, of machinegunkeyboard / suki has an opinion. Further, again prompted by complaints emanating from the far right.

  3. @ndy, are you able to tell us more details? Is there anything we can do to support Suki?

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