New Governor-General: feminist Quentin Bryce


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Our new Governor-General, Quentin Bryce; lawyer, academic, and activist for women and for human rights. How awesome is that?

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  1. This is great news– although I wish that every article/TV news story didn’t feel the need to add an afterthought about how she wasn’t chosen because of her gender.

  2. Awesome is not the word! 🙂
    I was looking forward to the announcement of the new GG *anyway*, and I was more excited than I would have thought when I discovered who it was.
    It almost makes up for the 2020- steering- committee- *cough*- there- are- women- in- Australia- other- than- Cate- Blanchett?- *cough* debacle.
    Not quite. But almost.

  3. And I could really do with not hearing, over and over and over, how “well-groomed” and “nicely-dressed” and “poised” and “well-bred” Bryce is.
    Word headline competition is a dead heat: The Age for calling “GG appointment a win for girl power” (now changed to “Public to decide on republic: Bryce”), and the SMH for calling her “A feisty woman unafraid of entering the fray”.

  4. And how “family oriented” she is.

  5. … or how much Kylie was her fashion stylist … or how little is mentioned sbout what an anachronism the GG role is.
    Nice lass I’m sure she is, well credentialed, well intentioned – all of that but … up there in the realm of the last of the vice regal dinosaurs.
    Meself’s last blog post..Rudd names new G-G.

  6. Meself, while Australia may well be long overdue to become a Republic, the fact is that the role of GG still needs to be filled until that time, and it’s good that we’ve got someone good for the job. From the evasive way she’s answered questions on the topic, I have the impression that Bryce probably supports a Republic, so having her in the role of GG may help move things forward.

  7. Congratulations to our new GG.
    But, yesterday left me with a sense of unease:
    * the more politicians said she was not chosen because of her gender, the more it seems she was (Methinks thou dost protest too much.);
    * the pink, the pink!;
    * the gratuitous family photo op.;
    * saying it was an achievement for women, when really it is an achievement for her;
    * saying this somehow signifies equality, when inequality is pervasive; and
    * all the other patronising things said about her – the sort of things one might say of a child or a poodle.

  8. I think she’s pretty terrific. I could have done without seeing her described as a “groovy granny” by SMH though.
    One of my best friends lives near the Qld G-G residence and her 4 yr old daughter one day took it upon herself to write Bryce a card inviting her over. My friend had been searching for female role models in political positions of power at the time for her daughter and was pleased to see her daughter take this initiative, so she posted the card hoping the Qld G-G might get a nice chuckle out of it. Bryce promptly wrote back to the 4 yr old inviting her and her family for afternoon tea at the Governor’s residence. They all had a ball.

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