A few adjustments

Hi y’all. Bandwidth is getting a little tight towards the end of this month (I’ve had to keep on ratcheting it up lately, hello new readers!) so I’m going to see if disabling a few of the plug-ins I have installed cuts the bandwidth usage down.

So if some function or other feature is missing as you read the blog, it’ll probably be back next month, although I’m going to look closely at what I’ve got running and see whether I need to get rid of some plug-ins entirely. Let me know if there’s something you miss so much that you’d really hate to never see it again.

By the way, new readers who haven’t yet felt the urge to leave a comment, please do join in! Why not delurk on this very thread and say hello?

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  1. Hi. I don’t usually comment because I don’t think I have anything meaningful to contribute. I love your blog and I try to read it everyday whether I’m at work or at home.

  2. Hi Annie! Nice to know that you’re out there.
    It’s fine if you can’t think of anything to say most of the time – I don’t particularly want the blog filled with reflex “M3 t00!!1!” content-free comments. That would become rather tedious.
    However, it’s always good to know if any of the readers here have read something interesting elsewhere that’s relevant to our posts. We like puns, too.

  3. Hi. I’m a new reader, as of a week or two ago, referred by Google Reader’s Discover feature. I’m enjoying so far–but very very rarely comment anywhere, so you’ll probably never hear from me again. 🙂
    I either feel I don’t have anything to say, or know I won’t be able to keep up with fast-paced controversial comment threads, so I just don’t comment.

  4. Not quite a new commenter, but did you know that you’ve been headlined in Twisty’s latest? I think I’d die happy if Twisty noticed me, so you (and laurelhed) should be a bit pleased. Keep up the good work.

  5. Perhaps my request for lurkers to join in seemed a bit peremptory – I didn’t mean it to be! I certainly don’t want to bully people into commenting unless they really want to, I’m just hoping to encourage those who are teetering on the fence about joining in the discussions: the more the merrier, basically.
    P.S. I’m noticing how much faster the blog is loading since I’ve deactivated about half the plug-ins – I think quite a few of them won’t be coming back. Seriously, all readers – please let me know if you would really miss any of the ones that I’ve disabled.

  6. P.P.S. *waves hello to hecateluna*

  7. Hi! I’ve just added your blog to my Google Reader and I’m really excited to find Australian feminist bloggers. I live in a very small town in rural Victoria, which is really quite feminist in some ways, and straight out of the 1950s in others!

  8. Emma (#4) – your comment went up while I was composing my comment at #5 and I didn’t see it right away. Thanks for the good news on the Twisty front – yay for lauredhel!
    lilacsigil (#7) – welcome to the blog. Pull up a comfy chair. Pass the TimTams round to the others!
    We’re always chuffed to get interesting links mailed to us, from those who prefer not to comment. Just a thought.

  9. *waves hello*
    Ooo! Tim Tams! I’ve been reading here for a while but apparently it takes chocolate to get me to delurk 🙂
    I’m a mum to three living in Sydney and I’m currently procrastinating about getting the family dressed and out the door to go have yum cha in the city.

  10. Hello there!
    I subscribe to your blog’s feed and joined your facebook group. I live in the United States and enjoy your sense of humor, the hoydens you celebrate through images on your site, and also enjoy reading the thoughts and insights of feminists from another part of the world. I also really appreciate your coverage of disability issues. I haven’t commented before, I don’t think, because mostly I’m thinking “thank you for saying that.” But I will. I have plenty of opinions to share!
    I appreciate your asking folks to say hello. Very welcoming of you. 🙂

  11. Hi, mimbles! G’day, Rosalie!
    Sorry about not responding yesterday, mimbles. I was freaking out about the bandwidth limits (problem sorted now). I hope the yum cha was yum yum.
    Rosalie, welcome! I’m a bit shamed that the facebook group hasn’t done much, basically because I don’t know what to do with it. I wish there was a function for FB groups like there is for the personal profile pages – adding a feed from a blog instead of just pictures etc. Some day I hope to have Hoydenizen gatherings of some kind, but that’s on the backburner for now behind the hideous pile of other things on my to-do list.

  12. Hey, I thought I was doing everyone a favor by refraining from a delurk that would have taken the form of two pages of high-frequency tone nerdity.

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