I can’t believe it’s not International No-Diet Day

And we missed it!

Anyway, Fillyjonk and Kate have posted lots of good stuff about HAES and Size Acceptance.

Everyday is No-Diet Day in my house, although yesterday was actually no-retain-food-in-belly day, as I succumbed to the chundering bug that struck my kids earlier this week. Yukko.

But the point remains – I aim to eat a wide variety of foods, fresh foods rather than commercially manufactured, and particularly plenty of fruit and veg. I aim to exercise (the last month since mr tog got crook have been a wipeout there, but it’s back to the gym next week! and I have been walking.) I guess it comes down to I want to be fit, or a least fitter, but I don’t especially care if I’m still carrrying some fat. Of course I know I’m lucky in being able-bodied so that I can exercise. That’s something not everyone can manage.

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  1. Mmm, don’t feel bad, I missed it too. Dieting distracts all the energy from your mind, where it ought to be. Sounds like your plans for Health at Every Size are good to go :).

  2. If you didn’t see Catalyst last night, good story on fatness/fitness.

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