Insert sailing on high Cs pun here: La Fille du Régiment at the Met

Oh my oh my oh my.


If ever I am required to save the world by snogging a tenor, can this be the one?


We went to see the Met Live in HD at the Chauvel today. We couldn’t have chosen a better first opera to take the kids to see than La Fille du Régiment. Natalie Dessay was irresistible (<=hoyden!), and Juan Diego Florez was simply scrumptious.

Fuller review later. (Update May 16th: the La Fille review is part of the post Friday Hoyden: Natalie Dessay)

P.S. YouTube has JDF hitting his 9 high Cs in the Act I aria “ah, mes amis…pour mon âme”. Over the fold.

P.P.S. Here’s a clip from a BBC documentary paying tribute to Pavarotti in 2007, the 40th anniversary year of his career-making triumph in La Fille at Covent Garden with Dame Joan Sutherland. It has audio of Pavarotti singing the aria, then an short interview with JDF on his experience taking the part back to Covent Garden after 40 years, and then a clip of JDF singing the final part of the aria. Interesting comparison.

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  1. I did love Senor Florez (and being a Peruvianist, I love a landsman, particularly), but before you make your final tenor boyfriend decision, I do encourage you to consider Massimo Giordano. In the words of Buffy Bot, “I mean, REALLY!”
    MatildaZQs last blog post..NEEERRRRDDDDD BAAAALLLLLL! Jonathan Coulton with Paul & Storm at the Lakeshore Theater

  2. Giordano is rather pretty, I agree (especially the Lovely Opera Hair). He doesn’t look as cuddly as Florez though.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day at Hoyden About Town
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