Whoydensday! Season 4 Official Trailer

Below is the official BBC teaser trailer for Season 4:

This is an Open Season 4 Wishes, Speculations and Horrible Suspicions Thread. As usual, those Hoydenizens who live in countries where some of the series has already been shown, please be aware of spoilers for us benighted antipodeans who have only just been shown the 2007 Christmas episode.

My wish: that there was a possibility of resurrecting Astrid.
Speculation: The two names I’ve seen bandied around most frequently to play the 11th Doctor from 2010 are James Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle.
Horrible suspicion: way too many Whoniverse favourites are going to die in this season’s finale. Either that or RTD will bugger it up by having them all survive through an even bigger Deus ex Machina than he used last year.

And now for this week’s photos:

Are all the kids into wearing Doctor-Daps yet?

Which slightly scruffy version of the Doctor do you prefer? Hero-coat or tux?

Or, deep-down, do you hanker more for the U-boat captain look?

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  1. Mmmm, Nine. He needs to lose the turtleneck, though.
    Ten rocks the coat more than he rocks the tux. And I’ve been wearing Chucks for 20 years. Insert grumble about the young people of today thinking they invented everything, or how they don’t appreciate the classics, depending on whether they’ve taken up the trend or not.

  2. Yes, not so keen on the turtleneck either. It just seems to be hard to get full-length or even half-length shots of Nine – they’re mostly headshots. It seems the Beeb didn’t really crank up the PR shots until after the first season’s success, when Eccleston had already departed.

  3. Hey Hoydens, this will tick ALL yr boxes!!
    Via TNH’s Particles.

  4. It’s scary how well you know me, Helen (*ded frrom lulz*)

  5. I dare not share any of my speculation or horrible suspicions, because they are too likely to contain spoilers. My wish though, is that David Tennant will stay through the 2010 season, but that he regenerates at the end of it, so that he doesn’t get tired of the role. I think I’ll be ready to let him go by then. *clings*
    And my favourite look for the Doctor is the trenchcoat, but I like the brown pinstripe suit better than the blue suit.
    The rumours about Robert Carlyle have been around for ages, but have always turned out to be false. James Nesbitt I think is a possiblity given his connections with Moffatt, although I wonder if he might be a bit too broody. Whoever takes over the role is going to have a difficult job indeed– he has to match the standard of acting set by both Eccleston and Tennant, yet he also has to bring something unique to the role that distinguishes him from his predecessors.

  6. Having now seen the entire new series I am going into mourning at the inevitable demise of the Tennant-Doctor. Sure he gets a bit flippant and annoying at times but I don’t think I could endure a Nesbitt-Doctor. Carlyle I could definitely cope with.

  7. How did you get access to the entire new series, AOF? Cliffhanger ending isn’t for another 48 hrs here in the UK.

  8. I think she meant “the entire new series up to this point.”

  9. Helen’s link at 3 reminds me to let everybody know about ”I haz a tardis”, a live journal community dedicated to Dr Who Lolmacros.
    David Jackmansons last blog post..Brisbane Movies: The Horseman, a new Thriller made in Brisbane

  10. Two and a half hours to go. I can’t STAND IT!!!

  11. Just a reminder to please be spoiler-careful in comments – a fair few people get them delivered direct to email inboxes, and of course they appear in the sidebar too. I suggest a 24-hour moratorium at the very least, and care after that to not just blurt out major plot spoilers.
    I wonder if I should start a new thread just for spoily discussion? (I’m not sure if there’s a way to turn off the sidebar “Latest Comments”, though. Mm – maybe I’ll start one at my LJ, and post a pointer to it here? Stay tuned.

  12. My lips are sealed (and my head is beating against the wall).

  13. Seen it seen it seen it!
    You can chat and spoil to your heart’s content over at the post I’ve created on my LJ.
    Dr Who Finale (SPOILERS)

  14. Thanks Laredhel. I thought I was going to explode.

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