You wouldn’t want to have actually seen this

A superior example of an artist’s reconstruction of a historical event.

Tunguska art by Don Davis
Image Source: Sky and Telescope, Tunguska: 100 Years and Counting
Caption: Here’s how the Tunguska blast might have looked from the windows of a nearby airliner. The expanding shock wave would have knocked the plane from the sky moments later. Click on the image for a larger view.

(via an old mate on a private mailing list)

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  1. Wow! Thanks for that. I followed the link. I never heard of that before, and it’s quite the amazing story.

  2. Fixed your HTML, coz, and also in another comment – you had an extra http:// in each one.

  3. ahh thanks…i was cutting and pasting your tags with no real clue.
    Next time for sure…

  4. coz, I heartily endorse the Text Formatting Toolbar Extension for Firefox. A link is in the HTML Tags box just above the comment entry field.
    I wrote a brief guide to it here.

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