Troy Buswell to quit at last?

Despite recently surviving a series of leadership spills, sleazebag chair-sniffer and sexual-harasser Troy Buswell, leader of the WA Liberal Party [1], is expected to stand down today.

Buswell has the majority support of the remainder of his motley crew (resignations have been rife these past few months), but his support from the Party as a whole and the WA population is low.

Stay tuned.

ETA 12:06 pm: Live press conference on now, announcing his resignation. He’s sledging the State Labor government, and talking about how he wants the campaign to focus on our arrogant government which is out of touch with Western Australians who are struggling to pay their mortgages and put petrol in their cars. He doesn’t want to engage in cheap personality-based politics, so he’s quitting as leader, but plans to continue as a parliamentarian “for many, many years to come”.

No idea who’s going to take his place – Barnett is mooted, but time will tell.

He’s said he will take all the reporters’ questions, but he’s answering every one with the same answer about how he thinks the Libs have a window of political opportunity. Therefore he wants to do the honorable thing and bow out – so that the campaigning is not personality-based and focused on him. They’re pressing him for a soundbite about not being the best mind for the job or being unelectable, and he’s getting a bit huffy.

The next election needs to be held by February, but could be called by the Government at any time.

[1] WA = Western Australia; Liberal Party = the biggest local conservative party.

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  1. For any Worsties looking on – WA Today beat The West to the punch on this announcement. Nothing yet on PerthNow or the Norg.

  2. Buswell talking about his ‘issues’
    “Do those issues mean that I am uncapable or unfit to lead the state of Western Australia? I don’t think so.
    Aside from his illiterate use of ‘uncapable’ (does that means he’s ‘incapable’?) the ‘lead the state of WA’ bit got to me. Has their polling showed that they have a good chance of winning without him, so that if the Libs win, Barnett retires after a few months like he wanted to, Wilmott gets the by-election endorsement and we end up with Bumsmell as Premier anyway?
    Hope not

  3. The Libs here in WA are in such a shambolic state, you wonder how they could get any worse, yet they continually find ways of doing it.
    Their electoral hopes now rest with a man who is not an endorsed candidate for any seat – he announced his retirement, and the last Liberal Premier’s former chief of staff is now the candidate in Barnett’s seat.
    He was also the Energy and Resources minister that sold off Alinta Gas, thus making him the only Liberal that could wear any blame for WA’s gas crisis – surely the only issue the Libs will get real traction on.
    Idiots. Still, they’ll provide us with plenty of fodder.

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