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Shakesville has this amazing photo of the Olympic torch and the full moon.


And from the comments: International Table Tennis Federation vice president Claude Bergeret, miffed with the lack of popularity of his sport, proposes a solution:

“We are trying to push the players to use skirts and also nicer shirts, not the shirts that are made for men, but ones with more curves.”


I’ve enjoyed this post from The Mind of Geneveive on the (Anglospheric) history of women’s trousers, going back to Amelia Bloomer.



“Forty years of wankitude”, by Sweet Machine at Shapely Prose, takes a peek at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, then and now.


It’s instructive to look at this kind of image not because there was a golden era of wank fodder which was somehow okay and empowering; there clearly wasn’t, and the swimsuit issue is a grossly overcelebrated tradition of straight-up objectification. But in a visual culture that depends on the assumption that women’s bodies are available for men’s pleasure at all times, it’s striking to see the continuities and changes in the images that work to explicitly reinforce that assumption. Vanishingly few women look like the model in the 1965 cover; no one looks like the woman in the 2008 cover, including the model herself.


This bus stop swing at Neatorama made me smile, but WTF is with the first comment?



And lastly, also via Neatorama, a chap in Wolverhampton has built a rather nice full-size Dalek around his wheelchair.

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  1. Of course, the fully-clothed softball players are playing their last Olympics, and the nearly-naked beach volleyball players are thriving, so the table tennis guy might, in a very cynical way, be right.

  2. He forgot to mention shoes – those sensible flat ones have gotta go. Tennis in stilettos – way to go or perhaps they also dress as Daleks and attack pompous stupid blokes with as much insight as a lettuce.

  3. Given the trickery associated with most things at the Beijing Olympics I’d be examining that photo carefully for photoshoppery.

  4. Good news ladies! We is won!

  5. Ah yes. Another scintillating effort from the vaults of the Centre for Independent Studies think-tank. So amusing when an article that accuses feminists of stereotyping women does nothing but stereotype feminists.

  6. Hey, thanks for linking me. You just caused me to leap off my sofa and cheer, “yay! Trousers!” Surprised my sister, that’s for sure…

  7. I can’t BELIEVE it is the last Olympics for softball. We watched the game last night between Australia and Japan, it was so exciting to watch, I don’t remember ever being that excited about watching sport on TV. The skill! The suspense! The non-revealing outfits!

  8. Amanda: Harassment is over! Elder poverty for women is their own empowered choice! We’re just as likely to become prime minister or CEO as men are, and if we don’t it’s our own damn fault! Anyone who’s not a thin young able-bodied heterosexual white middle-class Australian citizen doesn’t exist!
    Thanks for the link. It’s a great example of how neoconservative “liberals” are hijacking and manipulating the language of choice.
    Genevieve: Trousers! Back atcha.

  9. It’s a great example of how neoconservative “liberals” are hijacking and manipulating the language of choice.

    It would make a great teaching piece for a “Rhetoric of Choice” class, wouldn’t it?

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