Wringing every last drop out of that coverage

What a joke. Channel 7 currently is showing footage of a plane taxi-ing on a runway as its Breaking News. And cutting away to a woman in the terminal who has baked some muffins to give to her sister when she gets off the plane. The talking heads have a full set in the terminal to devote to covering this.

I do understand that the shots of excited Olympians being reunited with their families is de rigeur and sorta sweet – but it appears that the whole of the first hour of this morning news show has been devoted to a blow by blow description of waiting for the plane(s), watching them land, and watching them creep towards the terminal.

[Cue back in my day music] I miss the days when the talking heads in the studio ran a normal show and just cut away to a field reporter doing a live report on the happy athletes. They’re even short-changing the weather reports, which is the only reason we have them on at all.

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  1. They did exactly the same thing for Athens too.

  2. Did they? I missed that, but I’m not especially surprised.
    I can understand the commercial imperative driving such relentless coverage, but I’ll be so glad to see the other channels put a normal slate of first-run shows on again now that the big O is over – all the reruns over the last few weeks have been pretty dire.

  3. I’ve barely watched TV at all over the last couple of weeks. I caught the news on ABC and SBS a couple of times, and that’s about it.

  4. We’ve been watching a lot of DVDs.

  5. Yup, same here. 🙂

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