Daylight savings time approaches

I was rather surprised to see the breakfast tabloid TV show discussing DST arriving this weekend for we Ostrayans. I’m pleased to see it move back to early October – my memory from childhood is that DST always used to come in on the Sunday of the October long weekend, allowing for a better adjustment before going back to work on the Tuesday. I’m glad to see the system changed back to that again. Who was the twerp who changed it to more towards the end of October in the first place?

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  1. It’s great isn’t it? I’m already waking up an hour earlier because of the extra light, so I’m more than ready to move the clocks forward.

  2. That’s what I particularly hated when the kids were young about the move to a late October shift to DST – they were waking about 5am with the light!
    Now that they’re teens they of course sleep like the dead until the alarm goes off, no matter how light it is outside.

  3. I’m with the teens there! But OH I’m SO looking forward to balmy nights, open windows, evening barbeques, walks after dinner and a general sense that the day is not over before you leave the office!

  4. How I detest daylight savings! It takes me weeks to get my body clock back in sync, and because I live in a dairy farming area, everyone is cranky at having to work in the dark in the morning and in the heat in the afternoon. Maybe with 6 months of it I’ll be able to adjust to getting up in the morning and not being able to relax until the sun goes down late at night, but I’m not hopeful.

  5. I keep on hearing stories of some dairy farmers who just go by the sun anyway for morning milking, lilacsigil, instead of worrying about what the clock says. Why can’t they all do that?

  6. Tigtog, I suspect it may have something to do with what time the milk has to be ready to be taken away for processing– they still have to have all the milking finished an hour earlier because of that.

  7. Oh lilacsigil, I hear ya. I hate daylight savings too, and I am SO DISAPPOINTED to have to suffer through an extra three weeks of it this year. I never properly adjust and always feel like I’m on fast forward. Why can’t everyone else just get up an hour earlier if they want? argh.

  8. I love daylight saving for that extra hour in the evening. But I suspect attitudes to it depend on whether you have to get up early in the morning, or not.

  9. Two reasons why the dairy farmers can’t just work with the sun: the first is the dairy truck schedules which are correlated with factory schedules; the second is that they need to have the cows milked before the kids go to school or the farming wives go to their other full-time jobs in town. It’s a real time crunch.

  10. Well, way to show that when I lived in rural communities I was very much a townie, eh? I hadn’t considered the dairy trucks issue, and the family schedule issues hadn’t crossed my mind at all, probably because I was in high school by that time and the farming kids just caught the school bus and didn’t fuss about it much, even though for some it was quite a long journey.
    I remember hearing the story about some guy who recalibrated the cows’ expectations for milking so that he never had to get up in the dark, but either that guy lived at the end of the dairy truck pick-up route so he could get away with it, or else he was just one of those apocryphal tales that farmers tell in pubs.

  11. I can’t stand DLS. One, its ‘fake’ time, which just feels wrong to me. Two, I suffer migraines, and bright light triggers them, and having extra light at the end of the day just means more scope for more pain. So, extra light sucks the big raw one. Three, summer is horrible, and more light at the end of the day means one step further away from darkness and hopefully cool respite.

  12. Add me in to the list of those who detest daylight savings. Growing up in rural NSW I was a “chores before school” kid too – and hated getting up in the dark. Its amazing how much our childhood reactions stay with us in adulthood.
    Living in Victoria now, I detest it more – we don’t even get the Long Weekend to help us adjust {whinge whine moan groan).

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