Quick Hit: From a national on-line newspaper.

Author: the mystery guest hoyden who didn’t tag her post!

These headlines appear in the sidebar, one under the other.

Parenting No, it’s not big bones
Parents are in denial about their obese kids, with half claiming their fat offspring are average.
Cuisine Hedgehog slice
Put a smile on a little face with these ever-popular no-fail, no-bake treats.

Mixed messages anyone?

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  1. But obviously, Guest Hoyden, if we don’t keep the middle classes (and particularly, women) in a state of anxiety, convinced that WHATEVER they do, it will be wrong, then they might start thinking. And that would be terrible.

  2. No worries, Mindy. Quite amusing, really.
    I think QoT has hit the nail on the head – whatever mums are doing, it’s somehow wrong.

  3. I can see that the first issue is a problem, no worries with that, but to follow it immediately with a recipe for sugar loaded brownies. Arrhhggghh! Or perhaps you’re only allowed to make them if your kids are skinny.
    But more on the first issue. I was surprised, some time ago, to hear a young boy (he was nine) talk about his weight. I thought he was a bit chubby and his mates were certainly skinnier. He said he was 60kg, which was quite a shock for me (I was shamelessly eavesdropping). He was, at 9, the same weight I should be as an adult woman at 168cm height. He wasn’t as tall as me, he was probably 155cm. So he was quite obese, but I thought he was chubby. His parents probably didn’t even see a problem.
    It’s like watching the Forever Young film clip where they skateboard down Aquatic Drive in Frenchs Forest (footage is from 1970 something). Everyone has skateboards or bikes and everyone is, by todays standards, quite skinny.

  4. Ridiculous. Still Life With Cat similarly noticed two unfortunate side-by-side articles in a paper – one saying that sexual violence problematic in primary schools is due to overexposure to sexualized imagery, and the next article cheerfully announcing that the curriculum would be ‘sexed up’.

  5. Or perhaps you’re only allowed to make them if your kids are skinny.
    Oh, my poor carb-deprived co-worker said just that the other day: fat people are all about to keel over from heart attacks and just need willpower, while thin people (and I quote!) “can eat whatever because they’re already healthy”.
    Fortunately the simultaneous explosion and implosion of my head kept it outwardly intact. It was only my faith in humanity that was damaged.

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