Vote08 Liveblogging

Starting from 6am Wednesday here (which will be 2pm Tuesday US East Coast time). That should have given the polling counts enough time to show up some trends, but still enough voting time left for us all to be doing some nail-biting.

Liveblog is after the cut to avoid clogging up the front page of the blog.

After about 9 am here (until about 4pm) any commentary will be kinda desultory on my end I’m afraid (heading off to a VoteWatch pub lunch – come and join us if you’re in Sydney), but Lauredhel and some of Guest Hoydens and regular commentors have volunteered to help out. Thanks!

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  1. Tomorrow is looking pretty quiet for me, so let me know if you need me to do anything for you.

  2. I’d be keen if there is a spot still open.

  3. Well, I’ll be at the lunch with you, so no liveblogging from me. 😛
    But, the tiny villiage of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire has voted overwhelmingly for Obama already– and while it’s not a bellweather, the village has leaned Republican ever since 1968– so SQUEE!

  4. @ Mindy:
    Cheers – I’ll add you to my list *sinister music*

  5. @ Grendel:
    Oh indeed there is a spot still open *even more sinister music*

  6. You’ll really be up at 6 for liveblogging? OK, guess I will have to be too. I don’t want to be the only one though.!

  7. @ Amanda:
    I’m always up at 6ish. Might as well start liveblogging then. The kids can get their own breakfast.

  8. It’s election day in the States so I kicked off my official election-day festivities with a YouTube post of apropos music (and one non-music)

  9. Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?
    I’m considering telling my boss I can’t come in tonight.

  10. I’ll be at the kids’ school helping out with kindy orientation most of the day, pub lunch sounds much more attractive but alas ’tis not to be!

  11. Obama won Dixville Notch 15 votes to 6.
    Dixville Notch being the New Hampshire town that starts voting at midnight – pop. 75.

  12. I’m up early because I just couldn’t sleep – but all the coverage at the moment is just watching people waiting in lines and talking heads telling me stuff I already know. We already knew that it was likely to be a record turnout, didn’t we?

  13. Fox is reporting BLACK PANTHERS intimidating voters in Pennsylvania. Awesome!

  14. Now interviewing a Black Panther who is … standing there. BP is reportedly concerned about “white supremacy.” DEVELOPING.

  15. @ Amanda:
    Damn, I missed it.
    (Silly me, I set the vote widget without taking daylight saving into account – off to see whether I can edit that now)

  16. OK I got CNN and Fox on the telly and MSNBC streaming online. Pity nothing is happening.
    Here is Joey B and fam voting in Delaware. His mother is so cute, at 92 or something it is nice at least one parent/caregiver will be there to see this …

  17. Was over voter over 900 in my district about half an hour ago. The after-work rush hasn’t hit yet. Will be talking late tonight. xx

  18. Of interest? The stats of the liveblogging:
    Reader Information
    * Email Reminders Set: 3
    * Total Unique Readers who pressed ‘Watch Now’: 76
    * Total Unique Readers who watched for over 1 minute: 61
    Published Entries
    * Writer Comments Published: 992
    * Reader Comments Published: 1586
    * Reader Comments Sent: 1591
    Media Counts
    * Polls: 4 shown
    * Replays Viewed: 3

  19. I’m just about to post the transcript. It was huge, and I had to cut a lot, but I tried to maintain the feel, flow, and milestones. I hope no-one minds the choices I had to make in that process. Enjoy.

  20. Oh it was SO fun, and SO great to spend the day in *community* like that! Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  21. Sorry we missed you, Grendel. And thanks everyone for coming!


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