Nominated for a Weblog Award!

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Hoyden About Town has been nominated for a Weblog Award!

You can give us a +1 bump in the nominations here:

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog

Best Small Major Blog (Authority between 201 and 300)

… though it’s the votes that really matter. Voting starts in December.

While you’re there, I’m plumping for Shakesville in these categories, so join in if you wish:

Best Blog

Best Liberal Blog

(Yet another awards set with no “Best Feminist Blog” category. Are you surprised?)

Unless you want Sam de Brito to win the Best Aussie Blog award, I suggest getting involved – nominate your own preferred blog, or jump on the Hoyden femmostroppo bandwagon, whatever works for you. Or, y’know, if you really, really like Sam De Brito, vote for him. Because I’m high on democracy this week.

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  1. I think it’s clear that Sam de Brito readers can’t read the voting instructions. Does that say something?

  2. Thanks for the nominations, everyone!
    BTW, some of these nomination threads are starting to get long (although it’s fun to notice how many SMH blog bumpers can’t read the instructions, as observer notes). If you want to bypass all that, you can directly add a +1 nomination to Hoyden or Shakesville using these links direct to the nominating comments:
    * Add +1 to Shakesville in Best Blog category [link]
    * Add +1 to Shakesville in the Best Liberal Blog category [link]
    * Add +1 to Hoyden in Best Small Major Blog category [link]
    * Add +1 to Hoyden in the Best Australia or New Zealand blog category [link]

  3. Your blog, Hoydens, is a jewel.

    How many times can I vote?

  4. Also “small major” is silly.

  5. Go Hoydens! But are the smh debris so stupid? There were two hoyden nominations on the best aussie blog nomination page, so, i got to add my vote twice… after carefully reading the instructions.
    However I could have voted 57 times for all men are opportunistic bastards in one fell swoop if I so chose. Can we really assume that cross referencing voting on comments to individual ip addresses will occur?
    Some would argue that there is gender bias to instruction reading vs. just do it and work it out later style thinking.

  6. This isn’t the voting, Andra, just the nominations period. Clicking a +1 just means you’re seconding or thirding (or whatevering) a nomination. From the post:

    # The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough…
    # Rather than add a “me too” nomination for a site you’re encouraged to use the “+” icon to indicate your preference for nominees. The “+” ratings are one extra piece of information the finalist selection panel can use to help generate the finalist slates in each category.

  7. Sorry, my miswording, the voting of course starts in december. But why does the number of nominations matter then? If…
    The “+” ratings are one extra piece of information the finalist selection panel can use to help generate the finalist slates in each category
    …. then the multiple chances to add + will make a difference, no?

  8. Have given you a bump – good luck!

  9. What is with all the Sam de Brito lovers?! Seriously, we need to have an extensive advertising campaign or something so y’all win and he loses.
    Anyway, good luck!

  10. Congratulations and well deserved, can you remind us all again when the voting opens please?

  11. blue: will do!
    I’ve no idea how the nomination process works either, except that it gave me a warm fuzzy to be nominated and green-plussed.

  12. Voted for you chix! Can I say that you rule and although I fully expect to be schooled by your classy word ways for my own imperfect non-feminist foibles; it might be worth it cos I’ve wanted to make a tongue in cheek comment here since before you started receiving regular comments. So congratulations and hope you do well…
    Also a random link; <a href="</a&gt;
    [Mod note: linked site contains gay-hate, links to anti-abortion sites, and so on. ~L]
    and a request for a return of the purple ghetto. Please.

  13. Umm… I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to offend – just be a smart arse. And bring to your attention something that I thought you would be interested in.
    If you’re interested, Ingrid van Beek also wrote about her encounter with Rev Moyes in her book ‘In the Eye of the Needle’ which chronicles her time in charge of Australia’s first and only MSIC.
    *Will return to lurking*

  14. Not saying you were, CocaKolaNut. Where possible I check out sites linked and let members know if it might be a place where they might not want to drive up the hits, or where they might encounter unexpected triggers or hate speech.

  15. What is with all the Sam de Brito lovers?!

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