Thursday Cheezburger, and Delurking Day

funny pictures of cats with captions

Runnerup: There’s something about kitties and puppies cuddling that makes me go “aww”

Bonus political macro

It’s our monthly Delurking Day! If you’ve been reading along, give us a shout and let us know you’re there. You’re welcome to post your favourite macro, introduce yourself, or tell us what’s made you feel proud lately.

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  1. I know, I’m not a lurker, but I like to say hello. 🙂
    Hello! *waves to folks down under*
    That Lolbama made me giggle, but I think I loved best the Adult Content Warning on LJ. OH NOES THE SOCIALISTS ARE COMING!

  2. I want to know the story behind this.
    more animals

  3. *delurk* Hi. *lurk*

  4. Hi, and thanks for yesterday’s liveblogging.
    It certainly was more fun sharing by proxy than just sitting in the office wondering what the outcome would be all on my lonesome. I don’t think anyone else here was interested in the outcome, never mind the exquisite torture of the waiting process *puzzled at that*

  5. Even though he’s not my president, I did love this macro.

    I love seeing Americans so gleeful that they are no longer ashamed of their leader.

  6. Anna, oh noes!
    Bene – I had a kitten that used to climb up me like that when I came home from work. Somewhere I have a photo of her climbing up mr tog – will have to find.
    *waves at Helen*
    Curi-oz – glad you enjoyed the liveblogging. We’ll have to do it again sometime, for something exciting, even if it probably can’t be quite as nailbiting as this.
    Beppie, great LOLbama.
    I liked this:
    more animals

  7. *delurks*
    Things that have made me proud? One of my little storytime girls sympathising with the bear from ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ and lamenting the fact the poor thing had to go home hungry. Watching a little girl riding her BMX around the neighbourhood and bunny hopping.
    Favourite lolcat ever:

  8. Proud of
    1. My 20 month old grandson saying a new phrase “wee wee” while watching my daughter on the toilet (and laughing when she farted)
    2. I finally got around to CreativeCommonsing my blurblings at balneus (and your readers might like to generate a CC appropriate for their own stuff here by following the bouncing prompts)

  9. Reactionary LOLdog.
    see more puppies

  10. Hi! I’m proud because I live in Indiana–yay for going blue! I never thought it would happen 😛

  11. Love these macros!
    My favorite for Tuesday was an animated gif, which I usually hate for being migraine-inducing – but I’m so happy it’s worth it. : )

  12. Not really a lurker either but I just had to come by and say OMG! Google has North Carolina counted for Obama now!!!!one!
    I don’t know what their source is & haven’t found anything “official” on it but since it was grey all day yesterday, I’m thrilled to see it blue today!

  13. *delurks*
    Hello from rainy Vancouver, Canada! Tigtog, I just can’t beat the genius of that macro; but I’ll throw a few more into the mix regardless:


  14. I’m not sure I technically count as a lurker anymore, but I had to say hi, because apart from anything else, I needed to tell Theriomorph that the lolcat is dancing *perfectly in time* with my music! Hah!

  15. I am more of an occasional commenter that I am a lurker but I’ll take the opportunity to say hi from Niagara Falls, On. Hello ladies and for any Americans who happen to be reading this thread, we Cannucks will happily trade you Stephen Harper our PM, all the maple syrup you can use and 1 official cannuck beaver for Obama.

  16. Hoyden About Town has been nominated for a Weblog Award!
    Scroll down this page and you’ll find it in the comments section, where you can increase the nomination by using the little + symbol. 🙂

  17. Aw, cool! Thanks to the person who nominated us! We would also qualify for Best Small Major Blog.
    (And Sam de Brito? _Sam de Brito_? Ew.)
    I’ve gone and nominated Shakesville under Best Blog – if you’re a happy Shaker, go add your little + symbol to them as well.

  18. And tagged, as well! 🙂
    *goes to vote…*

  19. I know, I can’t BELIEVE how many nominations there were for de Brito….BLEUURRRRGH!!!
    Congrats btw!

  20. fuckpoliteness, that was exactly my reaction! I am pretty sure he received all of those nominations because today he posted in his SMH and Age blogs asking for people to nominate him.

    It is lovely to see Hoyden About Town nominated, though. Whee!

  21. Hi! I’ve been reading almost daily for 6 months. So, *delurk*. I am a medical student, but before that I got my masters in sociology. (I went to grad school with the awesome women who started Sociological Images!) I am a sci fi fan and Doctor Who devote. I currently live in Oklahoma, the reddest state in the US, where I’m considered a radical leftist for believing in crazy things like feminism and gay rights and recycling. And even though my vote won’t count, I am so happy that the guy I voted for is going to be the President. I’m 28 and that’s the first time this has happened for me. And after years of being shocked and appalled and deeply saddened at what my country has done, I am once again proud to be an American.

  22. I’ve added my +1 for the Hoydens and the Shakers. Congrats and good luck to both I say!
    It would seem Sam de Brito’s fans can’t read instructions *eyeroll*
    lankydancer, I love the washing machine LOL 🙂

  23. Was pleased to nominate Hoyden for the Best Small Major Blog section, too!

    Add your +1 as you will!

  24. Thanks for the nominations and votes, that’s so lovely.
    Just to make life easy for people (save you scrolling past all those nominations for Corporate Media blogs!), you can add your +1 directly to the noms for Shakesville and for us by using these comment permalinks:
    Add +1 to Shakesville
    Add +1 to Hoyden

  25. Oh, oops, I didn’t realise you could directly link to the nomination.
    Here is a link to add +1 to Hoyden in the Best Australia or New Zealand blog:

  26. Hiyall, I like lurking here cause Hoydens give the best blog!
    I feel a little shy about commenting in case my sense of humour is not so widely appreciated, however in the complete privacy of my own blog, there are no holds barred. It’s raging menopause over at All welcome.
    ps. i am actually kind of young for menopause but life sucks if you’re a woman anyway… so super cali fragile mystic feminism menopause cunt hairy menopause feminism

  27. Cuddling critturs? I love them too. Big fan of Jackie Morris


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