Monday Gardening: The Vegetable Patch

I wandered out into the garden this afternoon, camera in hand. You can see the previous garden post from just two months ago here, with the seedlings all in. We’ve been feasting off snow peas and sugar snap peas for lo these many weeks, and the past couple of weeks have been gorging on insalata caprese with basil from the garden.

The first sunflower to open caught my eye.



Here’s today’s cauliflower harvest, destined to be cheesed:


And this is corn going to be on our plates real soon now!


We are tomato fiends here. Here are our patches of different tomatoes:


The romas and cherry tomatoes are starting to fruit:


And the heirlooms aren’t far behind.


Here are the volunteer tomatoes in the herb patch.


We’ve had quite a bit of coriander leaf off the coriander, but the weather’s warming up now so we’ve let it bolt for a later seed harvest:


The citrus are all going well, the natives have put down root and are flourishing (all but one woolly bush – not a bad ratio!), we have volunteer melons or pumpkins of some sort starting near the compost pile, and one of my pineapple guava trees has one wee bud.

The weather is teetering on the brink of summer – pleasantly mild, the sun bright but not yet scorching, a sense of warm foreboding in the air. Within weeks, this town will become all but uninhabitable, for the next few months.

I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

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  1. That is one impressive sunflower.

  2. That’s some nice growing you have there – my own corn looks about 3 weeks behind yours and my peas will be finished in the next week or so just in time to plant a summer cucumber crop.

  3. First of all… great photography! Many people don’t realise how great fresh tomatoes can taste. So different from the ones you buy at the store.
    Mary’s last blog post..How Do I Propagate A Rose From A Cutting?

  4. That sunflower is absolutely amazing. How do you get the flower to grow so large?

  5. Growing Gorgeous Sunflowers, lauredhel-style: Whack seeds directly into crap dusty unimproved soil. Ignore them as completely as possible, apart from waving a hose in their general direction in long dry patches.


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