Sydney Hoydenizens: Anyone up for Yuletide Drinks?

Beppie is a regular commenter at Hoyden About Town who is currently organising drinkies instead of writing her thesis.

Wine at the Oyster Bar In the interests of good conversation, celebrating the approaching Summer Solstice, and getting squiffy, I’ll be organising a Yuletide Drinks meetup for Sydney-based Hoydenizens sometime in December, probably at the Courthouse Hotel in Newtown (Bulmers cider, yay!), although I am always open to other suggestions.

At the moment, I’m just putting some feelers out as to what days/times would work best for people– if you’re interested, please let me know whether you’d prefer
(a) afternoon or evening
(b) weekday or weekend.
Decision made: Sunday afternoon, 7th December, from 12noon.
I’ve also listed this as an event on the Facebook Hoyden Group; please ignore the date/time on there– I only put that in because I couldn’t find a TBA option.

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  1. Well, I shall definitely be there! Just a bus-ride up the road, yay!

  2. I’d like to meet up with others and would prefer a weekday evening. Or a Sunday afternoon, maybe.

  3. I’m always up for a drink at the Courthouse; weekday evening or weekend arvo would be good.

  4. I’d love to meet up for a cider or two, best bet for me would be a weekday evening or a Sunday afternoon/evening.
    mimbles’s last blog post..Shakespeare for the modern age

  5. Yup, count me in. Anytime is fine except Dec 5 (Friday) because of my work xmas do — free grog and food so I ain’t skipping …
    Amanda’s last blog post..New 8tracks

  6. I’ll wait for a few more responses, but at the moment, Sunday afternoon (probably December 7) looks like it suits a lot of people. Is there anyone for whom that would be a problem?

  7. I could happily drink malted beverages on Sunday December 7!

  8. I’d love to come, if you don’t mind a lurker joining in. The 7th is great, but I’m happy with Sunday/weekday afternoons in general.
    Oh, and hi everyone. I’ve been reading for about six months and just got up the nerve to comment!

  9. @ Chally:
    Chally, lurkers are very welcome! Hi!

  10. Okay, I have made a booking for Sunday December 7th, 12 noon, at the Courthouse Hotel. I’ve booked for 10 people, in the beer garden, but that can be adapted as necessary.
    Tigtog or Lauredhel, is it possible to edit the main post to reflect this?

  11. Sunday 7th is good for me, looking forward to meeting everyone!
    mimbles’s last blog post..Plague!

  12. I will be moving that weekend, so Sunday afternoon drinks sound like a great idea. I’ll do my best to be there!

  13. Yay, the more the merrier. 😀 Hope to see you there, Jo.

  14. Oh, lovely! The advantages of being on this side of the world become more aparrent daily.

  15. Hey, I didn’t even know you’d wandered over to this side of the world, orlando! Excellent.

  16. Oh yeah, and I am planning on coming. That table’s looking fuller by the second, Beppie 🙂

  17. And I think I will be there too.

  18. Wait, I already said that…

  19. That table’s looking fuller by the second, Beppie 🙂
    It is indeed! I just increased the booking to 12 people, just in case!

  20. This is probably a stupid question … but how are we going to know which table? I mean, once a few of us are there, I’m quite sure it’s going to be pretty obvious, but what about for early birds? Ask for the table booked for the Hoydens or what?

  21. Jo– I’ve booked a table in the beer garden, and I have some half-formed plans to make a sign saying “Hoyden Xmas Drinks” or something along those lines. If you can’t find us, however, the booking is in my name, so if you’re having trouble, ask for the booking under “Beppie”.

  22. [sigh] I am giving up Hoyden drinks for a holiday with friends. I’m sorry, my Hoydenizen friends… I would love to catch up, if only to meet you all in person and completely ruin my online pseudonymity! 😉 Can we plan a follow-up for the new year?

  23. Can we plan a follow-up for the new year?
    This idea, I like it. 🙂

  24. (Ack! That “Guest Hoyden” was me– I forgot to sign out after submitting a drinks-reminder post.)

  25. I’m going to start digging to Australia now.

  26. Since I managed to miss this one after all (more boxes than I thought), I like the follow-up idea, too 🙂

  27. I sympathise lala. We should start a digging project and meet in the middle. It would be an interesting form of transport.
    Y’all should definitly do it next Christmas. I’ll be eighteen then.
    hellonhairylegs’s last blog post..So Many Reasons to Say Sorry

  28. Hellon, we’ll probably do another one before next Christmas, so whenever you turn 18, we’ll be waiting for you! 😀


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