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  1. Ha, the lemur was my favourite this week too!
    Have to go with Rocky Horror then.
    more animals

  2. LOLdog/LOL… chicken?

  3. 😦 I fail at html.
    [no you don’t, only logged-in admins can post images in comments, that’s how the software works ~ tigtog]
    http://failblog.org/2008/11/17/sign-win/ <– link!
    [ta-daa! admin magic ~tt]
    see more pwn and owned pictures

  4. As someone with OCD, I think I can say that I find this terribly amusing:

  5. Thanks, TigTog! I think I knew that, but I keep forgetting and then trying harder Maybe this time, if I hold my tongue just right…. 😉

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